Hard Solutions

“With System One Facility Management Solutions, we’ve had number of first-time fixes dramatically reduced, as well as several-day reduction to resolution because of the picture-taking functionality for submitting work orders. For us, this is definitely a significant win.”

A building enhances an organization’s reputation, both towards clients, as their own employees. System One ensures it remains in impeccable condition. We offer a total solution for repairs and technical maintenance for buildings, and physical assets. We can solve all breakdowns and, provide preventative periodic maintenance. We are ready 24/7 to execute any urgent intervention. This way you can feel at ease to start the working day.

We are ready 24/7

Our team is ready for all your questions, and requests for Solutions from anywhere in Egypt

Deployment of Resources

Immediately, our engineers make a plan to choose the suitable specialists, materials, and tools for the task

Professional Execution

Professional and quick execution Our technicians are well-trained to work safely, and following the proper repair and maintenance procedure. And leaving the location clean.

Reporting and Invoicing

All invoices are accompanied with a service report, illustrated with photos showing before and after.

Electrical Solutions

We service all type of facilities: retail, commercial, industrial food service and public sector properties etc.
System One provides electrical Solutions both on-demand and preventative maintenance: rollouts Energy Management System (installation and contractual servicing) and after-disaster recovery.
System One provides tenant improvements, remodels and installations of generators
We provide design, management, labor, materials and equipment for the installation and maintenance of electrical and lighting systems, and do it effectively across multi-site or single unit properties.
We combine creative problem-solving with technical know-how to get the job done.
System One’s Project Management Solutions help simplify completing large-scale rollouts.
We provide long-term expertise and nationwide coverage, completing projects on time and on budget.
By continually developing and applying our capabilities, we strive to give our customers a positive experience every time.

Lighting Solutions

System One can repair, install, upgrade and retrofit any lighting system
System One offers on-demand lighting Solutions 24/7. With high performing lighting crews & our own in-house project management team, System One can handle re-lamping and retrofitting on any lighting system to a more energy efficient one. We have the power to reduce your net project costs and maximize your ROI.
As 60 percent of Egypt’s energy use comes from lighting, we can help you reduce your power bill significantly.
From replacing lamps and ballasts, to lighting design, installation and maintenance, our teams will go the extra mile to get the job done.
With highly trained technicians, we can handle most lighting repairs on the first visit.
All of our lighting trucks come equipped with the tools, inventory and equipment to get the job done.
Using our own technicians and in-house engineering team, we can react to any situation with a sense of urgency that is second to none.
System One Lighting teams are ready to take care of any issue that comes up no matter the time or location.

Carpentry Solutions

Build, Construct, Install & More:
With an average of 18 years' experience, our facility improvement professionals are skilled carpenters and furniture builders. We install and build (smoking area) pergola’s, partitions, cabinets, bookcases, wooden countertops and more.
Crown Molding Installation and Repair:
Installing crown molding properly is important for adding both value and style to your place of business. From colonial to modern, our experienced handymen professionally execute this detailed, transformative carpentry job.
Custom Shelving & Bookcases:
We assemble store-bought shelving units and also build shelves and bookcases from scratch, whether it means uncommon dimensions, spacing between shelves, special doors or special type of wood or design elements. Doors & Window frames:
Either ready made or custom made, System One will make sure doors and windows will fit perfectly. We can provide all styles, it’s guaranteed to match your building.

HVAC & Plumbing

Our HVAC technicians can install, maintain and repair heating and cooling systems and also have experience with refrigeration systems and can help with any issues impacting refrigeration.
For all of your HVAC issues, such as air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance and duct HouseKeeping, water heater repairs, indoor air quality and more — you can leave it to us!
Our plumbers can install, maintain and repair systems used for clean water, sewage, and drainage plumbing systems. Also handling emergency drain service, septic pump outs and back flow testing.
For all of your plumbing issues, such as drain HouseKeeping, plumbing installation, water line relocation, water heater repair, sink repair, toilet repair, garbage disposal repair and more — we have got you covered!
No need for 3rd party contractors, all is in-sourced within System One.
In addition to employing professional, experienced and knowledgeable HVAC and plumbing experts, we also promise to deliver quality and excellence. From dependable service, to quality work, in a safe manner.
At System One, we offer 24/7/365 On-Demand service for all of our trades, backed by a dedicated account management team and a team of technical experts for multi-trade scenarios.

Flooring Solutions

SIMPLICITY - We simplify the complexities of choosing and installing a flooring solution, with expertise ranging from supply and installation to project management and more. We are your one-stop shop to handle every aspect of the job.
QUALITY PRODUCTS - Our process promotes a seamless project from start to finish, leveraging our extensive knowledge in commercial flooring from quality products from the nation’s leading manufacturers or imported products.
INITIAL CONSULTATION - Our flooring experts are ready to discuss the details of your project and determine the best solution for your unique needs.
DESIGN, VALUE ENGINEERING AND SPECIFICATION - We generate concepts and ideas, specifying the ideal products to meet your objectives. We then submit samples for your approval.
PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - We build our inventory reserves, sourcing only the industry’s most competitive pricing directly from the manufacturer or importer.
PROJECT EXECUTION AND MANAGEMENT - With architectural plans in hand, we process orders and manage logistics – from shipping and tracking to delivery coordination.
CONTINUED CUSTOMER CARE - Installation is only the beginning of your flooring project. Our customer care team is always available for ongoing support.
Two words define our wide range of commercial flooring products – quality and value.

Security & Fire Safety:

System One knows your business has its own unique security challenges. Our security products enable you to build the system that works for you.
Our Affordable solutions are very comprehensive security solutions can help you preserve profits – without taking a big bite out of them in the process.
System One has over 18 years of experience helping protect people and products. And if you need your system serviced, rest assured you’ll get the best service.
System One can provide all the documentation you need to take advantage of incentives and discounts your insurance company may offer.
We provide your facility with:

  1. Monitored Sensors: You get peace of mind from knowing System One security products are watching out for your business 24/7.
  2. Door & Window: Your first line of defense, door and window sensors can alert you immediately of an unauthorized entry.
  3. Motion: Detect movement in wide areas of your business and help gain an extra level of interior protection.
  4. Glass Break: Detect an intrusion as it happens and instantly receive notification on your mobile devices if your sensor is activated.
  5. Hold Up Button: Quickly and silently signal for help during a robbery.
  6. Temperature: Keep customers and employees comfortable while protecting critical temperature-sensitive inventory and supplies.
  7. Flood Monitoring: Catch water infiltration and leaks before they cause significant damage.
  8. Video Surveillance: Video security provides both an additional crime deterrent and an easy way to look in on your business throughout the day.
  9. Security Cameras: Protecting your inventory and reducing shrinkage have a direct impact on your bottom line. Cameras can add a strong deterrent to crime
  10. Video Storage: On-site or cloud-based video storage allows you to record and review video clips, which can help identify criminal activity.
  11. Business Automation: Smart technology adds another level of control to your system, including remote control.
  12. Climate Control: Keep employees and customers comfortable with the ability to adjust temperatures remotely and reduce energy costs.
  13. Smart Plugs: Z-wave-enabled smart plugs turn small appliances into smart appliances you can control remotely.

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