IT Solutions

“With System One Facility Management Solutions, we’ve had number of first-time fixes dramatically reduced, as well as several-day reduction to resolution because of the picture-taking functionality for submitting work orders. For us, this is definitely a significant win.”

A building enhances an organization’s reputation, both towards clients, as their own employees. System One ensures it remains in impeccable condition. We offer a total solution for repairs and technical maintenance for buildings, and physical assets. We can solve all breakdowns and, provide preventative periodic maintenance. We are ready 24/7 to execute any urgent intervention. This way you can feel at ease to start the working day.

We are ready 24/7

Our team is ready for all your questions, and requests for Solutions from anywhere in Egypt

Deployment of Resources

Immediately, our engineers make a plan to choose the suitable specialists, materials, and tools for the task

Professional Execution

Professional and quick execution Our technicians are well-trained to work safely, and following the proper repair and maintenance procedure. And leaving the location clean.

Reporting and Invoicing

All invoices are accompanied with a service report, illustrated with photos showing before and after.

Network Solutions

Networks have become a necessity in any organization that uses multiple computers. They save time and money and increase productivity and profitability by allowing all users to quickly access the information they need from wherever they are, share files with each other and communicate via one Internet connection. System One comprehensive network Solutions give you the structure you need to maximize productivity, the monitoring you need to keep networks running smoothly and responsive service whenever you have an issue.

Custom Network

Whether you simply need a network to connect your printers or you require a robust, fault-tolerant network to protect your business, System One can design the best solution for your business.
here's how:
1. We assess your needs to see how many systems need to be connected, whether you need remote access for telecommuting or traveling employees, which technology you use, etc.
2. You create a wish list of all the capabilities you'd like your network to offer.
3. We design, configure, install, cable, administer and support your new network, including:
a- Hubs and switches
b- VPNs
c- Routers
d- Firewalls
e- Wireless solutions

System Analysis/Integration/Upgrade

system analysis

Your existing system must perform at full throttle to provide the proper return on investment. System One offers assessments to ensure you meet all compliance requirements for your specific business. We help you make sure that your IT infrastructure works for you, and we provide recommendations on potential integrations or upgrades that may boost productivity.
Maybe you need to invest in new hardware, but maybe you simply need to make better use of what you have. You may have more hardware than you need and be able to consolidate to improve utilization and save money. System One can give you the facts you need about your existing infrastructure - and what you may want to do to maximize its potential.

Infrastructure Optimization

Your business needs to get all the function and performance it can from its IT infrastructure. But many companies fail in this area. The Gartner Group estimates that, "poor hardware management can increase companies' total cost of ownership by 7-10% annually." System One helps companies optimize the quality, performance, and security of their network infrastructure.


1-Email Communication
2-Commercial Virus Removal
3-Microsoft Windows
4-Managed Solutions
5-Business Consulting Solutions
6-Security Solutions

7-Data Backup and Recovery
8-Phone and Virtual Support
9-Network Solutions
10-Spyware detection
11-Managed Solutions
12-Onsite Solutions

CRM & ERP Design, Installation & Maintainace

End-to-end custom software app development
Delivering a robust and effective solution
Generate changing trends about customers from CRM data
Reliable, Secure, Scalable Custom CRM Solution
Intuitive CRM tools to support clients
Customer’s behavioral data on CRM helps promotes business
CRM software packages that are simple to work with
Smooth sales and marketing process
Scalability of CRM Software handles the volume of customer info

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